Friday, November 23, 2012

Miniature Mail and Inkscape

I was looking for, and of course, couldn't find my Adobe Creative Suite software.  It's very dated (it's version 2 and version 6 came out in May 2012), but all I really use is Illustrator.  Anyway, as my budget stands, I can't afford a new version so I browsed the web for alternatives.  I found a program called Inkscape, and so far I love it.  For one, it's free versus the $600+ price tag for Adobe.  I have no affiliation with Inkscape, but I'm just thrilled to have found a vector graphics program because I've been sitting on an idea for a while: miniature mail; specifically, miniature packages.

Right now I've created a template for miniature packages with the smile logo and packages with their logo, and I'm about to start on miniature letters.

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